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Circularity is our future

Triple Benefit is an independent project office that improves products and processes in organisations. We identify costs and environmental impact of the entire life cycle. This leads to the definition of the best profitable solutions in terms of cost savings, innovation, effciency, use or reuse. We envisage the principle that every waste hides its savings-opportunity. Triple Benefit is your partner for projects in:

  • Project management (Composites and Polymers industries)

  • Industrial process improvement (Lean and Recycling)

  • Circular economy (Consortium building and Business cases)

Sooner or later we will have to work on sustainable improvements that require a totally different way of thinking. Like Albert Einstein said:

If we always do the things we did, we will always get the things we got.


Triple Benefit is co-founder of Plastic Fantastic

Triple Benefit has signed the European PLastics Pact.

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